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flu vaccine as a senior advisor to president obama says the government is catching up to the demand. david axelrod said ten million more doses will be available this week. independent health advisors will grin tracking the health of people who received the vaccine. >>> how did you spend your halloween this year? some local student got a treat they will nevr forget at the white house. we'll tell what you was in the goody bags that the president and mrs. bell atlantic -- and mrs. obama handed out. >>> tony will tell us what to expect outside today and we'll have a check on the traffic. s are -- p >>> a pretty happy scene for these students. they were at the whithouse. mrs.obama dressed up. the president dressed down a little bit. no word on where sasha and malia accept braitd. the couple handed out goody bags including white house m & m's, dried fruit and a cookie made by the white house pastry chef. >> white house archingly turned orange in honor of the holidays. actually turned orange in honor of the holidays. -- no word on where sasha and malia celebrated. >
to the left to get by that. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> president obama will spend his first thanksgiving in office with his family at the white house. >> yesterday, he shared this message. the president said, quote, il be giving thanks for my family and if all the wisdom, support and love they have brought that my life. the president goes on to say that we should all remember those who can't be with the ones they love today, especially troops overseas right now. >>> and u.s. troops overseas are already enjoying the thanksgiving feast. this is video from the defense department just coming ifrom baghdad. look good, right? these troops are from the wisconsin air national guard. it took a ton of thank you, you, # hundred pounds of stuffy and 3,000 slices of pumpkin pie to feed this unit of more than 3,000 soldiers. >> well, it is possible to make it through the holidays without starting the new year drowning in debt. coming up next, tips on getting every on your list knocked out without take a big hit to your bank account. >> looks like more people plan to s
that could shape the future of american forces. >>> president obama make a promise of his own to afghan's neighbor, iran. >>> here at home, just week from finneying her take, a local college student is killed and police say it was because of a hunter's mistake. fox 5 morning news continues right now. >>> it is november 19th. there is a live look at 395 at the pentagon. traffic is moving there but the roads are wet this morning. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm a steve chenevey. >> thank you for being along with us this morning. we'll found out more about the wetness factor out there. we've get wet roads. fog across the area. a lot of moisture to deal with this morning. let's take a look at hd radar. we'll start there. we are seeing main highlight shower activity. there are a couple of spots of heavy rain well off to the west across winchester right now. we are seeing that. but the rest of area most of the rest of the area is not seeing rain at this hour. it is more mist, some drizzle and the fog but the areas in green you see out to the west are getting some rainfall. that will be the kin
's revised plan to afghanistan. mr.obama is expected to announce a surge of 30,000 american troops to the area. he will make that announcement in an address from the west wing tomorrow. meantime, today at the white house, president obama meets with australian prime minister kevin rudd. the two will discuss a rane of issues including afghanistan and climate change. >>> on the hill today, the full senate takes up the health care debate. 60 votes are needed to pass the legislation. some republican critics are urmging democrats to started from scratch and craft a new bill. lawmaker say there is little chance of starting over on a plan that has been debated at length in the house. >>> this week, new smoking regulations go into effect in virginia. starting tomorrow, december 1st, bars and restaurants across the commonwealth must place smokers in rooms with separate ventilation systems. smoking will be allowed on outdoor patios and in private membership clubs. some establishments will ban smoking altogether though. businesses will be required to ask employees to sign an affidavit if they
of the roses on it was one year ago today that barak obama was elected president of the united states. november4th, 2008, a record number of americans cast their ballots resulting in the historic obama victory over republican john mccain. you will remember, people waited if line in some cases for hours earning the president a popular vote count of more than 69 million compared to mccain would came in at just under 60 million votes. >>> next monday, another huge milestone as the 20th' of the fall of the berlin wall. president obama will not be in berlin to celebrate the anniversary because of a planned trip to asia. later on this morning, i'll head on out to the newseum and we'll take a look at how it is marking this anniversary. >> they have a great display. >> should be fun. i'll be reporting for the 9:00 hour. >> we talked about this yesterday in our planning meeting and i was shocked that it has been 0 years sin the berlin wall fell. and because for many. us growing up, the berlin wall was always there and there was at some point no real thought or hope that it would ever co
months following a surgele earlier this year. officials credit new programs. >>> president obama wrapping up his tour of asia where a visit to seoul, south korea where he arrived just a few minutes ago. while in beijing, the president met with china's premier telling them that the u.s.' relationship with china is getting stronger. relationships appear to be easing between the white house an fox newschannel. president obama was expected to speak with the news channel during a rant of interviews overseas. >>> a local convenience store owner is being called a hero. according to prie george's county police, two masked men walked into the food zone in fort washington last night. one of them pulled out a gun and demanded money. the owner hit the gun out of the man's hand, turned it on the suspect and fired off a shot. man was killed. this morning, police are looking for the other suspect who got away. >>> we're learning more about what happened the night a 9- year-old died inside his apartment and the man accused of killing him. in court police said that jose pena wore the same clothes that he
and also president obama coming out on his behalf last week trying to help him regain some ground as well and he really did hold off on campaigning for creigh deeds there for a while but we're really noticing in the last couple of days how he has been in the ads on television. there is concern as it whether or not the democrats still have momentum here in the state of virginia after the november election from last year when president barack obama won. of course, we will be watching that all day. polls close here at 7:00 p.m. everyone will continue to watch and see what will happen in this race and see if the democrats can pull it out one more time. back to you, steve, gurvir. >> thank you. >>> also on the ballot for virginia voters, lieutenant governor, attorney general an auld # hundred seats in the house of delegates. we'll be live in richmond tonight with complete coverage of all the races. >> we are watching elections in maryland including mayors races in boe, gaithersburg, takoma park, rockville. for the late result, go to and click on politics. >>> the other top stories,
. >> they remember the 13 victims of the shooting rampage at fort hood. president obama told stories about each of the victims whose empty boots lined the wall. pictures of each of the fallen also on display. army psychiatrist is suspected of hoping fire on his comrades and remains in the hospital this morning. he has met with his lawyer. that son will answer to charges in military court because he is active duty and the incident happened on a military post. >>> there is now a difference of opinion at the pentagon about which officials had knowledge of that son's contact with a radical cleric. a. have a investigator wrote an assessment including the contact did not advocate violence and concluded that that was the case. a military official now denies prior knowledge that hasan had any knowledge with muslim extremists. >>> former president bill clinton was on capitol hill. what republicans are saying this morning about his push for health care reform. >>> mayor fenty apologizing for backing up traffic during his bike ride. now, a new current about his workout habits. details after the break. we'
we are following. president obama delaying a visit to capitol hill today to discuss health care reform with lawmakers. instead, he will head to walter reed and then make a trip to the hill tomorrow. meantime, mr. obama and at the white house briefing himself yesterday saying that the new endorsements for the legislation from the aarp and american medical association are no small accomplishments. >>> even though the economy is rebounding, job are still pretty tough to come by. >> a new report scheduled out today could show an unemployment rate of more than 10%. that level hasn't been seen since 1983. the economy is recovering from its deepest slump since the 1930s but some economists are not sure how long the recovery will actually last. >>> if you have been meaning to get a seasonal flu shot but you haven't done it yet, you might want to get it done now. we'll tell you why coming up next. >>> they overshot the airport by 150 miles because they apparently weren't paying attention and now they're fating to get back in the skies. we'll tell you about this when fox 5 morning news re
been finalized. >>> president obama emerged from a private meeting with china's president today with new determination to work together on pressing global issues. both leaders agreed to expand cooperation on climate change, energy and the environment. mr.obama says the two nations face challenges that they can't solve alone. mr.obama's tour of asia will wrap up with a trip to seoul, south korea and then he heads home on thursday. he will then turn his attention to creating jobs with stops if pennsylvania and other states. that happens next month. the president is hosting a white house forum on december 3rd. the president announced plans for the forum earlier this month as the nation's unemployment rate passed 10% for the first time in decades. >>> workers are not yet ready to give out washington blade newspaper. the paper folded yesterday but the staff will meet today to talk about creating a new paper. the paper broke the news on its twitter account with this message saying the washington blade like all window media publication is closing today. thank you for your support. the
. >>> president obama will hold a town hall meeting in shanghai taking questions from students. the president made an ann expected push for shine on to stop censoring internet access for its citizens. the president said, quote, we do not seek to contain china's rise. >>> a baltimore lawyer who calls himself john allen muhammad's confidante is writing a book. he sa it will tell mound's story without the filters that kept him from getting thing into his court. he says it was muhammed who suggested he write the book. the von stricted sniper was put to death last tuesday. >>> it was an emotional weekend for military families across the country. loved ones laid to rest sick of the victims killed at fort hood in texas. the "washington post" is reporting the radical imam said he never pressured major nidal hasan to harm americans. but he called the attacks acceptable under islam. the post says he considered himself a confidante of hasan. >>> the armed services and homeland security committees are both planning reviews of the shooting at fort hood. president obama has ordered a review of all the vens on t
experience. details of a confirmed earthquake in virginia. >>> also ahead, president obama and the first family spent hair first thanksgiving in the white house and now the christmas pns are starting to take shape. that is coming up next. ♪ ♪ (announcer) pillsbury bakes up bigger than the leading store brand. by any measure, you'll love them. look for bigger biscuits, cinnamon rolls and crescents from pillsbury. dealer: you know, volkswagen takes care of the scheduled maintenance at no cost. and during the sign then drive event, you can get a cc, jetta, or top safety rated tiguan for practically just your signature. it's that easy. woman: i can't believe it. woman: i can believe it. yep. >>> making headlines this morning. it is beginning to look a lot like christmas at the white house stud. first lady michelle obama receive the official white house christmas tree later. it is coming from west virginia and will go on display in the blue room. for thanksgiving, the obamas hosted 50 friends appears family members and the president called ten american military members to thank them for t
's name has not been released. >>> president obama says he is not going to make a final decision on sending american troops to afghanistan just yet. administration officials say the president is still looking at war options and all getting clarification on how and when troops would turn over security responsibility to the afghan government. meantime, american soldiers in kabul paused to honor their fallen comrades on vet an day. colleagues from other nato nations joined them to observe a minute of silence for those who have given their lives for that you are country. >>> president obama heads to asia today after making some remarked about the economy at the white house. in tokyo, he will meet with japan's prime minister and will hold a press conference there. >>> protests met secretary of state hillary clinton as she arrived in the philippines. she is there to show support for the country's efforts to oppose extremists. >>> democratic officials say harry reid is considering higher payroll taxes on the wealthy to fund the plan. the proposal would raise the medicare portion of inco
count of murder because one of the victims was pregnant. >>> president obama has ordered a review of all intelligence related to hasan and when that was handled properly. >>> the president is schedule to hold a joint news conference with the japanese prime minister in about 0 minutes. mr.obama arrived at the airport if the start of a four-nation asia trip, his first to the region as president. he will also attend an economic summit in singapore before visiting china and south creigh. the president stopped in alaska to refuel on the way. >> i had up until today visited 49 states. so this is filially my 50th state. >> the president met with troops promising a clear strategy and mission if he decides to increase american forces in afghanistan. he said will commit more fores to afanistan only if it is vital to american interests and receives public support. >>> this morning, germany's defense minister says the country will send 100 more troops to afghanistan come january and great britain's prime minister suggested 5,000 more nato troops could be deployed to that area. >>> the taliban says i
 >>> making headlines. with one hurdle in health care behind him, president obama is turning his attention now to foreign relations. meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu today at the white house. u.s. and israeli relations have been strained since there was a demand to stop buildi in the jewish west bank. netanyahu happens to be in town today for the 2009 general assembly of the jewish federations of north america. >>> the berlin wall fell on this day in htory 0 years ago. germans are celebrating the anniversary with a festival of freedom including concerts. one thousd foam bomb knows will topple along the path where the wall once stood. >>> here at home, an unusual accident at dulles airport is under investigation this morning. a people mover and a plane were moving side by side down a taxiway yesterday afternoon when the pilot reported the driver of the mobile lounge veered right, striking the plane's left wing. three staffers on board the plane owned by colgan air suffered minor injuries. aircraft is now out of service for repairs and none of the more than two dozen people
. president obama will take part in a memorial service for the victims at fort hood today which will be broadcast live at 2:00 p.m. here on fox 5. >>> we're following a developing story out of south korea this morning. there are reports its navy exchanged fire with north korea's navy. a south korean warship took aim at a north korean ship after it crossed the disputed seaboarder. the north korean ship fired back. this comes as the white house prepares to send a special own voi to south korea for nuclear talks. >>> among our other top stories, d.c. police investigating a double shooting overnight. they say shots were fired just after midnight in the 1100 block of 21st street in northeast. one man died, another said to be critical. it is not clear what prompted the shooting. right now, police do not have any suspects. >>> the d.c. council working on some big adjustments to same- sex marriage legislation. according to the "washington post," a excite committee will likely approve a decision today that will make t easier to churches to avoid having to participate in gay weddings and
's still struggling economy and was flat out asked to quit his job. geithner said the obama administration inherited the problems. white house issue the a statement saying the president believed secretary geithner helped to steer the cle back from the brink and we will continue to lead the push for financial regulatory reform. >>> the queen of daytime television ready to retire her crown at least in this form. oprah says she will be calling it quits. her show is going to end on september 9th 011. that is the end of the 25th season. rumors are swirling that she could just start a new hoe so her own note work which is scheduled to launch in 2011. >>> late they are hour, vampires, where wolves and a whole lot of dram a twilight new moon hits movie theaters today. kevin mccarthy is here to give us husband take on the release. >>> it is always a game that fans tune in to watch. what the redskins are saying about sunday's big show downin dallas with the cowboys. ♪ ♪ (announcer) why not make this year's holiday one to remember? call 1-800-royal22 today. two days only! this friday and saturday
is pushing for an historic vote this weekend on president obama's proposed health care overhaul plan and the powerful seniors lobb aarp, is poised to back the measure and democratic leaders seem increasingly confident that it could pass. tomorrow, the president will drop by capitol hill to meet with lawmakers about that bill. >>> help is on the way for americans who are out of work. the house could vote as early as today on a bill to extend unemployment benefits. the senate approved that bill yesterday. it would extend benefits for up to 20 weeks. that bill also includes an extension for the $8,000 tax cede feat first-time home buyers through june of next year. >>> coming up next, even more star power at the white house what is drawing some of the most famous chefs to the first family's home? [ drill whirring ] thank you. excuse me, sir! can you tell me which coffee tastes better? "a," definitely. this one. thank you. in a national taste test, more hard-working americans preferred the taste of dunkin' donuts over starbucks. try the coffee that won. excuse me, sir! thank you. try any
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